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Break – a – Leg Grams for Show Playbills:

Purchase a BAL 

Use the pre-sized Templates to create your Break – a – Leg

Well Wish Template ($10)

1/8 Page Template ($15)

1/4 Page Template ($30)

1/2 Page Template ($50)


Instructions on how to create a Break – a – Leg Gram:

  • Choose the size of your ad (Well Wish, 1/8 page, 1/4 page, 1/2 page)
  • Place your picture and/or text into correct sized template
  • Save word document as a PDF
  • Please use your childs full name, whether they are in either BPAA or JBA and the size of the ad (well wish, 1/8 page, 1/4 page or 1/2 page) as the saved name for file.

Example: JoeSmith BPAA 1.2 page

  • Email to – please include your childs name, either BPAA or JBA and the size of the ad in the subject line
  • Please do not submit a hard copy of ad – ads must be emailed as a PDF.