During our Bravo Performing Arts Academy we offer a number of different classes for our campers including:


Campers will be learning all of the dances for their shows along with dance techniques.


Campers will be learning all of the songs for their shows as well as different vocal techniques.




Stagecraft is Crew 101, where students will learn the ins and outs of all things crew. They will develop skills used by professional theater technicians and learn the creative process of designing a theatrical set, while understanding the process of taking a production from page to stage! They will also learn how to use the proper tools and materials in accordance to theatrical safety guidelines.

Props & Costume Building

Props and Costume Building is designed to guide students through the intricate details that it takes to create props and costumes for theatrical productions. Students will be building props for the summer shows along with the preparation for our spring 2017 show, The Lion King!


Bravo’s Make-up class presents students with the opportunity to learn all aspects of theatrical make-up. Students will apply basic stage make-up, old age make-up,  and design/ apply make-up for fantasy characters!


Film class introduces students to all aspects of film, they learn the necessities of the equipment and tools needed in professional filming and all tips and tricks to produce quality work. All film students will assist in the creating of weekly Bravo movies AND create their very own short film throughout the process!