Audition Information

Bravo Performing Arts Academy 2018

Auditions for the 2018 Bravo Summer Performing Arts Academy:

*Date Change:

March 5, 6 & 8, 2018




How to Prepare for your Audition:

1. Short memorized song – 16 bars from Summer Shows – Please Choose any song from Frozen, Freaky Friday or Jungle Book, KIDS (for JBA)

2. Short memorized Monologue or story

Frozen & Freaky Friday MONOLOGUES


3. Bring completed Audition Card with a photo attached

4. Dance Auditions will be the same day as Song/Monologue Audition – please dress to dance

Auditions are for Academy Enrollment – Enrollment will be announced in March.



Interested in Stagecraft/Running Crew?

Those interested in stagecraft/running crew are required to attend a brief meeting on:

Saturday, March 3 from 10am-12pm

Students interested in stage-crew are required to SUBMIT AN ESSAY – NO LATER THAN MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26. Please read the questions below and email a one to two page essay for consideration to Tina Reynolds, Bravo Artistic Director, at:


  • Describe why you would like to participate on stage crew for the Bravo Summer Performing Arts Academy and summer production and what you hope to learn from the experience?
  • List any experiences you may have had on stage or behind the scenes.
  • What Bravo productions have you seen and which has been your favorite?
  • Tell us about yourself (hobbies, likes and dislikes, favorites)
  • What part of the technical theater experience interests you the most and why (costumes, painting, construction, stage management, set moving, curtain, makeup, sound, lights, design)?
  • Which morning classes interest you the most: voice, dance, acting, improvisation, film, theatrical makeup, costume building, set design, script writing; and why?
  • Being a part of the Crew can be very demanding. It takes hard work, dedication, teamwork, patience, and lots of discipline. Please describe your best attribute for being a member of the stage crew and why.
  • On the night our show opens this summer, what job do you see yourself doing and why?
  • Kids returning to crew: how can we improve your experience this summer?

Kids returning to crew: What did you like most about being on crew, what can you offer to the crew team this year and what are the reasons why you would like to return?