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Junior Bravo Academy

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Bravo Performing Arts Academy

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The Bravo Performing Arts Academy 2017 (June 12 – July 15):

BPAA is an intense musical theater experience designed to hone the vocal, acting, and dance skills of students who have the desire, discipline and passion for musical theater. Full book musicals are taught and performed in only 20 days! BPAA is open to students in 4-9 grades.



The Junior Bravo Academy 2017 (June 12 – July 7):

JBA is designed for students that may be new to the stage and have the desire to learn more about musical theater. Offers intimate training for students who don’t have as much experience or knowledge in music, dance and acting. Junior shows are taught and performed in only 15 days! JBA is open to students 4-7 grades.

After only a few weeks of intensive afternoon rehearsals, we will present up to four spectacular, professional-quality musicals featuring dozens of memorable songs, originally directed scenes, stunning makeup, impressive choreography, dazzling costumes and amazing sets.

Bravo Performing Arts Academies are separate programs from the BRAVO! program held at Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School during the school year.


Click Here for Information on our Encore Program for 9th-12th graders


A Typical Day at Bravo Academy

JBA: 9am-12pm – Rehearsals
12pm-12:25pm – Lunch
12:25pm-3:30pm – Classes
BPAA: 9am-12pm – Classes
Class Options for BPAA: Dance, Acting, Props & Costumes, Scenic Design, Stagecraft, Improvisation, Film, Voice, Theatrical Makeup
12pm-12:25pm – Lunch
12:25pm-3:30pm – Rehearsals


Tuition Information

BPAA Tuition: $800.00 (5 weeks)
JBA Tuition: $700.00 (4 weeks)
Scholarship Opportunities – coming soon!
Ninth Graders – Join us after OPRF morning classes! Eligible only to previous students of the Bravo Summer Program.
Half Day Tuition: $500.00
Directors place students in the appropriate camp following June auditions. Notification of camp enrollment will be at the end of March.
All classes taught by Chicago’s finest, Award-Winning Bravo Instructors!